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Touch The Music Test Cabs Released

For those of you who are fans of games like Guitar Hero and Tap Tap Revenge there’s a competitor getting ready to enter the ring. Arlanthir and Shoddy_me of XDA have released a v.1 of their application called Touch The Music which is a complete song so there is now a complete level for testing. The game play is great on it and it’s very responsive without any noticeable hitches. Being a beta the menu options do not work at this time, you must install this app to main memory (not a storage card) and there’s no way to pause the game (you can end it by hitting the ‘end call’ button or just let the song end and the app closes but if there’s an incoming call you won’t be able to take it). And you can press below the fret during game play (all the way at the bottom of the screen) so your fingers won’t block the game. You can use the hardware buttons as well but that’s like shooting a basketball underhand;) There is a VGA (Fuze/Diamond) and QVGA (Tilt) version available. I’m already a fan and looking forward to seeing where this project is going.  But for now get to downloading and feel free to boast about your scores in the comments section;)