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TPU Soft Durable Case for iPhone 5C Review

I am sure you have all heard the saying about the glass being half full or half empty to describe a person’s outlook on things. If you are a half full person you generally look at things in a more positive light. If you are a half empty person, you tend to look at things pessimistically and remember mainly the bad things about something or someone. I say this because that is exactly how this this review on the Leopard Pattern White Inner TPU Soft Durable Case for iPhone 5C is going to be written. You see my wife and I are both reviewing this case because I don’t have an iPhone 5C and would never be caught dead with a Leopard Pattern case on anything I own. This ought to be interesting sine I have over 10 years of blogging and reviewing mobile technology and she is for the most part technology challenged except for kicking ass on Candy Crush. So stay tuned as I focus here in on reviewing this case and I mainly do all the work!


Product: Leopard Pattern White Inner TPU Soft Durable Case for iphone5C #013850

Price: $14.99 ($6.39 on sale at the time of this review)

Overall Rating: 2/5



  • Material Type : TPU
  • Compatible Brand : APPLE
  • Compatible Model : Iphone 5C
  • Feature : Back Cover
  • Style : Special Design , Graphic , Mixed Color
  • Dimensions : 12.5x6x1cm
  • Shipping Weight(Kg) : 0.06


What’s in the Box?

1qty iPhone 5C Case



Impressions / Review:

The review case sent was the black colored Leopard print and was not the most preferred version by the wifey and several other fruit loving iPhone owner friends of hers. Luckily there are 5 different colors to choose from that include black, yellow, brown, gray, and fuchsia. (they spelled gray wrong on their product listing snicker). First impression was that the case could be installed and removed much easier than the Speck Case purchased for her with the device. The actual Leopard print on the back has a thicker padding to it that provides a lot of grip. That was a split decision in the female demographic of the household where the wifey did not like the texture but the 13 year old daughter did. I found that it did provide a better grip as well. The biggest issue we found was that the 3.5mm audio jack opening was too small ad she could not use it in the car with a cord to her radio. The Speck case fits up to the very largest of audio plugs. The power button and volume rockers all worked as expected.


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Being completely honest this is a very inexpensive case that I thought was an excellent value for the money. Being on sale for 6 bucks makes it an excellent value for the money. However there are a lot better cases on the market for form and function. I think this would make a perfect stocking stuffer or office gift.

As stated above the cost of the case is on sale at the time of this review for $6.39 and normally retails for $14.99 with free shipping. It is available at: or Click Here for the Product Page


+ Very inexpensive
+ Cool Leopard print if that’s your preference
+ Padding provides extra grip


– Audio plug opening is too small for larger plugs
– Black color not as preferred



Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; I do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.