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Track Your Spending Easily

Did you spend a lot of money on your phone and now you want to watch your spending? Well now there is an easy way to use that expensive phone to track your expenses. It is a program called  Easy Expenses by Sandeman over at XDA. The program allows you to create an expenses list of anything you purchased or earned and at the end it gives you totals for this month, last month and a grand total. All the data can then be exported over to Excel. The program also allows you to record things in several different currencies if you are a frequent traveler. The only thing is I wish i could enter the amount manually using a number pad but instead you have to click on the up or down arrows to change the number. It still works great.  This program seems more oriented towards business people who have business lunches and business expenditures but us non-business people can find this program really useful as well. Install the CAB provided here. 

Here is a quick description by the developer

Easy Expenses is mainly focused on logging expenses. It is meant to be simple and easy to use. Easy Expenses is not designed as a complete finance management program and never will be. If you want to use Easy Expenses for this purpose, you have to export the data and process it in a program like Microsoft Excel

This program is free to use and it features:

  • Quick, finger friendly entry of expenses and income
  • Export to text file (excel readable)
  • Data logging
  • Totals (grand total, this month, last month)
  • AppToDate support