On episode 43 of That’s The Lifestyle, we cover Google’s sprawling 4 hour keynote. Specifically some of the more exciting topics, Google really went all out this year! Not to mention, some of the announced features were available same day.


  1. I watched your vid, not the enitre “event”, and I gotta be real with you… I wasn’t impressed at all. I know that in the land of internt opinions I will be labeled as an “MS fanboi”, and that’s fine. But either way, none of it was that impressive.

    I agree with what you said about them coming after Facebook, which they have been trying to for several years now, starting with orkut (I think), wave then buzz, etc… I know I’m missing soemthing here.

    But I really have a hard time believing they can compete in that area. Despite their incredibly skewed, and complete horse shit number of users.

  2. LMAO! their number os users are really skewed, i thought i was the only one who thought so. a million activations a day… yea… okay.

  3. I don’t know about android. But I’ve always wanted to know if some of their daily activations include people who are getting replacement devices for broken parts, messed up software, etc. I have a friend who ended up returning both her and her sons GS 2 and 3 for sftware problems and got replacements. So does that mean she’s counted as having “activated” 4 android devices?
    I’ve never compaired charts or whatever, but it seems like their damn near running up on more activations than there are people on this planet. I thought definitely more than the number of supposed “smartphone” users.

    As far as their number of G+ user… yeah, that’s complete garbage. Same with MS now too, and their number of SkyDrive users. Facebook is the only one that can truly count number of actual members. You have to sign up to use facebook, and you use facebook for that login. With G+ if you get an android phone, they give you a gmail address, which gives you an “active” G+ account. As far as I know, people who upload to youtube have “active” G+ accounts. People with old picassa accounts not only have a G+ account but their pictures show up there too… fuq that! So yeah, props for updating with cool features but be real about user base.

    I don’t think I need to even throw in the fact that I know NO-DAMN-BODY who uses their “active” G+ account. Myself included.

  4. I think those activations include number of custom ROMs too. Say I erased the sucked up Sucking ROM and installed CM7, and I did it more than one time in the same day because of some sh*t happend while doing that, then it is already sucked Samsung ROM+number of custom ROMs tried on that day.

  5. Who cares? Nitpicking over custom roms, returned defective devices? Whatever, it’s somewhere between fifty thousand and a zillion. Is it not clear from looking around that it’s approaching ubiquity faster than anything else? But so what? Time to put the champagne down and playing grabass over Android’s success. It’s not all about Android.

    One thing you did not nitpick about, which you might want to next time I guess, is whether or not these activation figures include non-Google Android devices. Anyway.

    The jury’s still out on Google+, it seems Google has gone pretty all-in on it, more so over time, and it would strike me as much more surprisingly if they shut it down one day than, say, Reader, Buzz and everything else Sean named (man I loved Buzz..). Google’s got some talented people, they’re determined, they’ve made mistakes and done things poorly with general congruences to what they’re going for with Google+ from which they can learn how to shovel people onto to various services of Google+. They appear to be extremely determined.

    As for the video, I’m impressed in general as with your others, well-produced, I learned a few things I didn’t know, but seriously, they are way too long. Gotta pick up the pace Ramon. Talk faster, split it up over more videos, whatever, keep it inside five, six minutes.

    Sean, no one here will label you an MS fanboy. I prefer the term enthusiast.

  6. Simmons if any of the “nitpicking” matters at all I guess the only reason is because it always becomes a bragging point.

    And enthusiast, fanboy. I’ll take either in this regard. ;-)

  7. Regarding my wanting to brag about Google and their phone-related achievements, the goal post for me in that regard is Google effectively blanketing iOS so that many of Android’s selling points are removed and, I hope, Windows Phone too, rather than this spiteful nonsense, with enough of their apps and services to the point that Google’s dependence on Android fades a bit, these other platforms contribute to their bottom line significantly and they grow as both something that makes those other platforms better (and especially in WP’s case, more appealing to could-be consumers) and makes Google grow as a threat to these other companies, setting up shop on their lawn like that. That’s the front I want to see them attack harder, as an enthusiast.

  8. Well at this point the only company doing what you’re saying is Microsoft. You can get their apps on all platforms. Most don’t recognize that the other tech darlings (apple) attempted to remove themselves from the google way of life with their maps, and at one point they were in talks with MS to make Bing their default search engine… not sure what came of that though. Who knows, when they finally get mapping right they might just resume where they tried to leave off and block google maps from their devices again, and “insist” their users turn to Bing.
    At present google is playing that “spiteful” game. In MY opinion they are using the services they bought (youtube) to alienate users from WP. They know how important YT is to people, and knowing you can’t access it on one platform might make people look in another direction. That to me is shady. Most YT users don’t have a dog in this fight, and I’m willing to bet a lot of them don’t even associate it with google. But google is basically forcing them to choose sides in a sense…. and that side is ‘anybody BUT Windows Phone’.

    But people, and by people I mean bloggers, “tech” writers, “fanbois” won’t look at google for what they truly are… petty, juvenile, and as negative as Larry Page said they aren’t.
    If you wanted to see the true colors of those same ‘people’, let MS block Skype on Android devices. Let MS leverage the 300M+ (or whatever bloated number they throw out) Skype users AGAINST google and leave them looking for alternatives. The tech world would lose their collective shit! As it is now, with google and YT they make nonsense weak excuses or are just flat out apologetic to google.

    Alright, I’m done. I’ve been venting a wee-bit too much.

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