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Turn Off HD2 TMo Backlight With Two Fingers

Having a proximity sensor on a phone is great. If the screen is near your face it turns off. But what it you use a bluetooth headset, speakerphone or wired headset? The dang backlight just stays on. And if you’re smart like you you probably tried to hit the ‘power’ key to turn it off. That’s when you were reminded that the power key on the HD2 is also the end call key…yup, fail. Well PocketNow figured out that if you tap the screen with two fingers during a call it turns off the backlight. Just shake it to wake it up. Oh and if your finger is over the proximity sensor (top left of the phone on the face) the screen won’t turn back on obviously so watch your finger placement. Anyway, it’s a great tip and only works for the TMo version…for now. OK XDA – go at it:)