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Tweaking The HTC Touch Pro II

I wonder how many of you thought it was going to be one of our team tweaking the HTC Touch Pro II? Well it’s not. Even though we have a great community, we just don’t have funds to buy the HTC Touch Pro II without the 3G bands needed here in the US. It just doesn’t make sense. But, I want you all to rest assured that when we get our hands on a US Carrier version of the Touch Pro II, we will be hacking the (beep) out of it and bringing you ALL of the different ways to maximize the performance of your new “Precious”! We’re just silly like that.

So what do I have for you today? We got what I would call “tweaking 101” happening over at Just like all Windows Mobile power users, you want to step it up a notch and get the most out of your device. So after reviewing the Touch Pro II, it’s now time for tweaking! The majority, if not all of the tweaking is nothing new and stuff we have written about in great detail on the Tilt/TyTN II at Tilt Mobility, or on the Fuze/Touch Pro at Fuze Mobility. But to see the tweaking done on that HUGE 3.6 screen is worth seeing them all over again! So head on over to and get your daily fix of the device we here in the United States have to wait a little longer for. (Yes, we are as bitter as you are!)

Lastly. we will not turn down a HTC Touch Pro II donation if anyone wants to send us one! I have already begun plans on how we will support this great device and bring you all of the news, tips, and tricks you crave about the Touch Pro II or Fortress as the AT&T case may be. We are already set up in our forums to discuss the TP2l, so head on over there and let us know what you think!