So Twitter is doing all sorts of stuff to their authentication methods and Twikini has announced that they are not upgrading their software so authentication will likely fail.

As Twitter states “On August 16, 2010 (5 days from now), the @twitterapi team will be shutting off basic authentication on the Twitter API — you can see the announcement here (and, this has been previously announced). All applications, by this date, need to switch to using OAuth.”

Uhm I’m sure there’s only good intentions here but that still sucks. Especially for those who paid for the app and now they can’t use it. It’s not Trinket Software’s fault here but the end result is that some people will definitely be angry.

And I’m sure this will impact other Twitter apps as well. What do you think – do developers have an obligation to update paid apps in cases like this or are they just responsible for releasing the software and if something out of their control changes that’s not their fault or cost?
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  1. I think that developers to some extent have the right to look into how they can improve their apps at all times to make sure customers are happy. But customers also have the right to not go crazy over something out of the developers control that will cause an app to be outdated.

  2. Run into this all the time with shareware apps from XDA-Developers (aka YouTube and other video downloads) but this will be the first time I have been skunked by a paid app. It was only $0.99 so I guess I can’t complain too much.

    Sure hope Panaromic Software (moTweets) gets this worked out by the 16th. Failing to do so would be a real bummer.

  3. Mo Tweets WILL WORK. From their site they list the following upgrade tot her software:
    Added twitter’s OAuth security standards

  4. Yes, you are correct. Went to the site and checked the news releases for recent update info before I posted and there was no mention of OAuth, but after reading your comment I checked the F.A.Q. and found this:

    Why do I need to upgrade to 1.8.4 or greater?

    As of August 16th 2010, Twitter is updating its security login. As a result all previous versions of moTweets will fail to login to the Twitter service. Upgrade of moTweets is free.

    Currently running 1.8.5 so no lost tweets!!!

  5. Twikini tweeted (twatted?): “Sorry guys, with the shape WM 6.x is in, we’ve moved on to other projects. Twikini will be back on WP7.”

  6. Don’t know if I will be using WP7 any time soon, but Trinket needs to remember that support goes both ways. At least I got back 400K memory after deleting the app. And honestly after finding moTweets I had no need for two Twitter apps (found Twikini first).

  7. I use MoTweets because it has Search capability.

    However, Twikini is MUCH faster, and also has a better implementation of the “Share” through email feature.

    Maybe Twikini ought to release the code to someone who can update it with OAuth.

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