I would love to see this thing in effect. I know a lot of you love to talk and drive, but you’re stupid. Sorry that’s how I feel and it’s my opinion. I’ve come to this realization after driving a lot and watching people talking and driving and just not paying attention to other drivers on the road. It wouldn’t be bad if you were the only one on the road, but you’re not. I’ve watched you people swerve into oncoming traffic and run red lights and stop signs while you’re on your phone, that’s just stupid and well it’s illegal. I’m sure you’re justification is that it’s an important call, really? I don’t think it is. I remember a time when there weren’t cell phones (yeah I’m that old) and I remember when they first became popular, it really wasn’t that long ago. my question of course is what did people do when they didn’t have a cell phone?  I’m sure they had important calls then, but you know what, they lived without it for many, many years, decades and even centuries, yes imagine that, they lived just fine without cellphones. I think all of you can too! I look forward to a time when I don’t see people driving with a piece of technology up against their face gossiping  or talking about whatever. I can see some calls might be deemed important, but I can guarantee that most people on their phones talking while driving are not talking about important things, they’re gossiping or talking about what they did last night or making plans for later in the day.

I’m not against cell phones at all, it might seem that way, but I’m not, I’m just against people who think their call is more important that what’s going on around them. Get over it, you’re not that important and neither is that phone call. I for one try not to talk on the phone at all while driving, and if I do, which is very rarely, I use a Bluetooth headset and I don’t dial while driving. If I must make a call I’ll dial at a red light, but chances are I’ll wait until I get where I’m going but I’ don’t dial while I’m in motion. Honestly I can’t even remember the last time I took or made a call while I was driving. I have caller id and I have voice mail, if it’s important you’ll leave a message and I’ll get back to you. As far as texting, it’s banned most places these days, but I never texted anyway, in fact I don’t even have a texting plan on my phone as I just can’t stand it. We have a ban here in PA on texting and driving, but people don’t care I still see people driving with the phone up on the steering wheel and they’re just texting away with both hands and steering with their wrists. It makes no sense to me at all, you have no real control over your vehicle while doing this.

A phone can be a useful tool, but when it endangers the lives of others it becomes a detriment and not a tool anymore. Distracted driving is bad and you’re not as good a driver as you think you are. Having all of this technology is great, I’ll admit that, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

It wouldn’t be bad if only you on your phone got hurt if you got in an accident, but you’re not the only one on the road and chances are very good you’re going to hurt someone else and not just yourself. So get off the phone and pay attention to the road and get where you’re going without hurting yourself and someone else.



Anyway the full story is over at Reuters, I’m not going to quote anything as who knows if I’m ‘allowed’ or not, but go over here and read it: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/27/usa-driving-idUSL2E8FQOK820120427


  1. Handheld? Absolutely. Outlaw that ASAP.

    Bluetooth? Good luck. I use the built in Bluetooth every day. I NEVER hold my phone and drive.

    Also, saying people got on without it before cell phones is like saying people got on with life before cars. Just cause they pollute, are expensive and can be involved in deadly accidents isn’t a reason anyone will accept to forego their usefulness and start riding horses everywhere again…

  2. Smokimg while driving is much more dangerous. Drop a hot butt on your butt, and see how much attention you pay to the car in front of you. How come no one has ever tried to outlaw that?

  3. Really disappointed that car manufacturers have taken so long to embrace Bluetooth. I know about price points, and all the other crap, but having BT built into a car is as essential as a radio, and should almost be as simple. Maybe California can get the ball rolling on this front. They already have a long list of requirements. Built in BT for the 2014 model year, or you can’t sell it.

    And yes, texting or browsing while driving is just dumb. Period.

  4. They’re not wanting to outlaw bluetooth last I checked, I can give you that one, I feel that’s fine to use. It’s the point of being distracted while driving. Most phone have voice command features but not many people use them from what I’ve seen, they manually dial or search for the contact and in the process taking their eyes from the road.

    You’re comparing Apple to Oranges, you can’t do it when comparing cars and cell phones. Cellphones have be prevalent for about 15 years total, by that I mean inexpensive and readily accessible to the public in general. Before that time they were very cost prohibitive for the average person to own one and carry with them at all times.
    It’s not the cars fault it was in an accident, it was the driver being distracted and cellphones seem to be the number one distraction out there today. Yes they’re useful, but again I can guarantee that phone call is not important, it’s not worth your life or the lives of others to be gossiping about your neighbor or co-worker while you’re driving. I can pretty much guarantee the majority of phones calls aren’t important. I know this from listening to people on the phone, it’s amazing what you’ll hear while sitting in traffic with your windows down. I’ve heard conversations about people sitting in traffic, just calling someone because they’re bored and sitting in traffic. Arguments have to be the worst of course as they’re much more distracting than any other call I think.

    Cars have made life more easy, traveling to places etc and have expanded how we do things and have allowed society to grow. Yes cellphones have to an extent, but again gossiping or making dinner plans isn’t something I think of as being helpful to society.

  5. Hands free is a must! Dash mount, BT, speech to text, voice commands, ect. All things very easy to use. People just need to choose to be responsible. Driving while texting is choosing to drive irresponsibly. Like choosing to drink and drive. Both bad decisions. Impaired driving is dangerous. If you drive while super tired and get pulled over you can be ticketed for impaired driving (so I have been told). The pace of life we are all rolling these days is fast, have it now, get it done, go go go. People need to realize that and choose to handle it responsibly. Before they are texting, or talking from a hospital bed with a vehicular manslaughter charge on there conscience.

  6. I remember when cell phones were refered to as “Car Phones”. They say driving and talking is worse than drinking and driving, wait what?. Maybe with a handset to your face but they give any idiot a drivers license these days. Outlaw idiot drivers too! It’ll be easy they all come from the Northeast US and Canada. To this day, the worst drivers are the one who drive people for a living. Think about it, Bus Drivers and Cab Drivers…

    I insist on using handsfree it makes it easier to hold my beer can.

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