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Uber and Spotify Partner Up With Playlist Streaming

Just as the subject title states, Taxi app Uber has partnered up with Spotify to allow users to stream their Spotify playlists in the car they are riding in. Announced today by a joint press meeting between both  CEO’s, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick ssid that: “For Uber it’s the first time we’ve personalized the experience inside the car, and for music lovers, that’s nirvana,” and “Obviously as with most of our features, they kick off on Friday nights. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun as well.”

When you link your Spotify and Uber apps together and if the Uber car allows, your music will already be playing when the car arrives. The integration is key for Spotify with lot’s of competition in the music streaming market. Just like it did with a 2011 Facebook partnership, Spotify will have access to more customers than ever before. As Streaming music continues to grow while music downloads slow down, the streaming music industry will continue to fight over other social app integration and getting their brand in front of users. With Apple leading the charge to reduce monthly premium streaming charges, the streaming customer base should see significant growth as the value will undoubtedly be in favor of streaming.