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UC Browser v7 Released

For those of you who don’t know about UC Browser, it’s a really light weight browser that users server side compression. In other words, when you go to a website, their servers render the site and shoot out a compressed site for your mobile. The results are ridiculously fast with sites loading between 3 and 10 seconds on average in an easy to viewscroll format. Of course, it’s a bit on the light side so don’t expect the power of SkyFire or Opera. If you’re just looking to browse the web though it’s a great browser to easily read sites and there are a ton of preferences to set, even including the font type and size. They’ve also implemented the ability to scroll left/right to go forward or backwards in your history and it happens flawlessly without any delay. You can also open links in new windows. All in all it’s a nice experience for getting information quickly.  Today came the release of an updated version. From their site:

What’s new in UC Browser 7.0
•        Optimized layout to provide more comfortable visual effect.
•        Fancier UI experience
•        More scientific menu arrangement
•        Considerate Help Contents to help you understand your UC Browser.
•        Rotate your screen as you like
•        Support Flash 6 play online (only available on Symbian v3&v5, PPC 2005)
•        Send downloaded files and bookmarks by bluetooth (Symbian)
•        New function Cursor Mode and Zoom Mode help revive the PC effect. (Java)
•        Bookmarks Top and Bottom function (Java)
•        Click Dial key to enter Quick Visit, set sites mostly visited here.(Symbian)

To download the latest version just head over to their site. One word of warning. This is a proxy based system with your data flowing through a third party server that is located overseas. In other words, I’d be careful about using sensitive information like login/password information with this browser but if you just want to know the weather, read the news or search wiki it’s a great tool.