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Were you missing an app on which could convert one unit to another and do something more than just that?

Here is an answer to your wish. It works and works better than all other apps offering the same functionality. Some of the features it has are here:

  • more than 200 types of conversions in 19 categories
  • touch UI
  • finger friendly interface
  • quick access menu to save your favorite conversions, change settings, etc.
  • currency and exchange rates as well with daily update option
  • support for seven languages
  • option to control how often to update currency conversion rates

What else! Isn’t that enough? It is enough for me though :-). There are other applications available too but uCONVERT wins the race.

There are two versions available for downloading – free and paid. To check the details and see which version you want, click here.

The images above have been taken from the uCONVERT home page.