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Ultra Light Nitrogen 1.0 Music Player Released

I kept seeing XDA threads about a music player called Nitrogen and I kept ignoring them. I mean, I have Windows Media Player so why change it? Well that was before I performed a simple test. I loaded WMP and let it play an MP3 and my memory usage shot up from 43% to a whopping 71%. Then I turned on the same MP3 using Nitrogen and my memory usage crept up from 43% to 44%. I have to presume that will translate into substantial battery life. So let’s take a look at some more features:

Wow, all sounds pretty good. How about a few more screenshots?

This is still a work in progress but if you frequently use your phone as a music player than you should give this a try. Nitrogen is the work of microfi so if you appreciate his efforts you should consider donating to support his work. The XDA thread is located here and microfi’s personal app page is located here.