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under/overclock/volt your GNexus between 1.65GHz and 180MHz, bump your GPU to 384GHz and a ton of other badass tricks with Leankernel

So, took my Saturday four minute Android fishing trip and what did the net drag in first? The Leankernel kernel. Lemme try to break it down for you: Over and underclocking my dual core 1.2GHz chip from 180MHz to 1.65GHz with a well-thought-out but tweakable undervoltage regulation profile (and clock throttling liberalness tweaking on the fly), GPU overclocked from 304MHz to 384MHz and undervolted, ramdisk tweaks, new and improved memory cache compression thing, /etc/init.d bangin’ ramdisk style, hmm time for a new paragraph… hey what’s Zram? Who cares, enable it!!

From a straight-up raw-deal shell either in adb or the terminal app you’ve got scripts to grab and flash the latest release, display sick info like temperature, throttle logs, check your silicon type, some fast USB charge thing which I guess disables the current ramp-down as it approaches a full charge which sounds dangerously badass (or maybe it somehow drags more juice out of your computer?), set CPU temp thresholds, mess with the colors, friggin’ hotplugX optimized, Voodoo color and SoundControl-ready, all this crazy stuff.

Sadly, no embedded fruity tile integration, I even tried the experimental version and I can’t find any tiles, no people hub, no integration, no cross-device hardware symmetry, no Zune, no 800×480 resolution mod. Total failure to blatantly and unapologetically rip off WinPho innovations.

Grab Leankernel by Imoseyon, either stable or experimental, and Jakebites’s LeanKernelTweaks tailored to each version right on over here bro. Good job fellas.

Afraid of flashing such crazy stuff and not being able to revert? Chill holmes, just fire up the bootloader and the Android SDK which probably runs on your platform, fastboot boot leankernel.img which will forget itself after a reboot. Or don’t be a candy-ass and just flash it, whatever. Heads up, screenshot!!!

Oh yeah, what is LeanKernelTweaks? A companion thing to LeanKernel, lets you customize during-boot CPU clocking ranges, which governor to use on boot, toggle Zram and Swap usage, filesystem tweaks plus everything SetCPU does but without having to run an additional app or service in the background. To mess with that and other goodies just tap into Terminal > su > leantweaks. But beware, that’s text-only tweaking buddy, no fruity tiles…

Oh the nerdish joys of the Google Nexus series.

Doug Simmons