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Unmask Blocked Calls

Am I the only one that really hates when people call and they intentionally block their caller ID? I have a few friends that do it for various reasons and I put all of them into voicemail because I don’t want to be playing the guessing game. Well, that game may be over. TrapCall has just been released (in beta). According to their website:

When you receive a blocked or restricted call, reject it. You don’t want to answer an unknown number anyway right? In a matter of seconds, the blocked call is sent to our servers, where it is instantly unmasked and sent back to your phone! All the while the caller hears a normal ring tone, oblivious to the fact that you know exactly who they are.

You then have the option to reject or accept the call at that point (rejecting it a second time goes to VM). This service is currently free as well. Reports are that it took 6 seconds to get results (meaning that you may need to alter the number of rings before a call gets routed to voicemail).

I haven’t tried it yet (I’ve trained my friends to email me if they have blocked caller IDs) but I’ll get to it soon. This currently works for AT&T and TMobile customers (others are going to be added shortly). Apparently there’s always been a loophole in callerID that’s been known and they’re just making it easier… So are we all better or worse for this? By the way, these are the same guys that are behind SpoofCard – the application that lets you make phone calls that appear to come from a different number so hiding and revealing identities seems to be their niche.

The download is available here.

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