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Use your iPad in comfort with ePillow

epillow-ipad-accessory-lapThere are only 137 days, 10 hours, and 32 minutes until Christmas and if you are like me, you have someone that is incredibly hard to buy for. So what not get it done early? Or just plain buy yourself and early Christmas present! In any case, I use my iPad 2 daily and use it in bed while I catch up on my TV programs that I record. If you do this also, you know there is no real long term confortable position to hold your device. Well now there is a way for you to comfortably sit in bed or in your living room while using your iPad. It’s called ePillow  from Veyl Products, LLC. The ePillow is a comfortable pillow based accessory that “ergonomically” lets you use your iPad either the original or the iPad 2 in both landscape and portrait modes.

The ePillow will run you $29.95 and comes in chocolate brown and black and is currently only available for the iPad and iPad 2 tablets. Veyl We also plans to bring additional designs to market for the Blackberry Playbook, Nook, Kindle and other eReaders and tablets by the end of the year. Head on over to the ePillow website to pick one up for you or for a loved one for an early Christmas present.


ePillow Features Include:

Comfort – Use your iPad comfortably anywhere, anytime, even sitting in bed or on the couch. With ePillow, you won’t get tired of holding your iPad. It’s perfect for watching movies with a friend and it has even been found to resolve the challenge of pregnant women trying to see their iPads over their newly-formed baby bumps!

Convenience – Whether you want to play a game or do some typing, ePillow has you covered. ePillow has an adjustable viewing angle that fits the iPad in both portrait and landscape modes.

Portability – Great for use on the go. ePillow will make using your iPad comfortable in any environment. ePillow is perfect for travel whether flying or driving. iPad fits the ePillow with or without most cases and has been tailor-made to sit on an airplane tray table.