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Verizon’s Motorola XOOM commercial part 2: Vendetta

Anything is better than the Super Bowl Commercials that Motorola created and called “Empower the People”. I was not a big fan and felt the commercial didn’t really portray the power of the XOOM. Well, that isn’t the case with the newest commercial by Motorola! This is video we got a “Teaser” about a couple days ago and today we get the finished product and it is AWESOME!

I really like the suspended XOOM as the main character walks up and takes hold of the device and is installed sucked into the whole XOOM experience! The XOOM experience in the commercial is symbolized as a space craft that the character is piloting by way of the XOOM. A narrator then gives all the XOOM’s impressive hardware specs and then the focus is back on the pilot and concludes by saying “Grab it, and it grabs you”.

The commercial and the XOOM marketing are to be called Vendetta which I think is great as the XOOM goes heads up in 2011 with an equally impressive Apple iPad 2 that we will find more out about next week. Even though a few big names in the Tech Blogosphere have given ho-hum reviews of Honeycomb, Android 3.0 which was created especially for Tablets and to give critics of Operating System Fragmentation something to bitch about, I think Android 3.0  should get a warmer reception from end users. Now that being said, I haven’t played with Android 3.0, but from what I have seen, I think it should give Android a better footing in the tablet market dominated by Apple and it’s iPad.

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