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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus Unboxing

There is no doubt that the most talked about Android today is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the next flagship device from Google. The first Android device to run Ice Cream Sandwich, or Android version 4.0, looks to once again combine the tablet and smartphone OS and make a contender for the tablets, and the next evolution for smartphones. So what I have for you today is the soon to be released Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus in retail packaging for your viewing pleasure. I did get a hands on with the device turned on and the screen is amazing and the OS seemed very crisp. I did not have long with the device turned on but hope to post some pics of the OS tomorrow.

The packaging is plain white as you can see with nothing in print anywhere on it. The inner carton is all red and the device is the first thing you see after removing the top cover. Under the device tray is all the booklets, sync cable, ac adapter, and earbuds Verizon is including with the Nexus.


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus feels very solid. In fact, it is the best feeling Samsung device out right now. Even though the back panel is very flimsy, the rest of the device is very well made and solid. The bottom of the Galaxy Nexus has a centered micro USB port and the 3.5mm audio jack. Also located on the bottom is a small mic the is in between the audio jack and micro USB port.

On the right hand side of the GN at the top is the power button and towards the bottom is 3 prongs to be used with accessories like a docking station. The top of the GN has nothing on it and seems strange to be bare when most all other devices have something of worth up there. The left hand side of the GN is where you will find the volume rocker.

On the back side of Sammy’s Galaxy Nexus is the camera and LED Flash. At the bottom of the back side is your speaker.


The back cover as I mentioned above is very flimsy and removing it will make you want to cringe each time you do it. The tabs that hold down the back cover are incredibly small. Under the back cover is a 1850 mAh battery that should keep ICS chugging along.



The screen on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is beautiful and from the opening boot screen animation until you put it down, you will be blown away. Ice Cream Sandwich has 3 instead of 4 capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screen with haptic feedback that was pretty nice. I did not have long with the device powered on and hope to get some more pictures of the OS tomorrow as well as a video walk through. If you are a Verizon customer and thinking of jumping to Android, wait a few more days because the Samsung Galaxy Nexus needs to be considered in your purchase equation!

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  • Screen
  • 4.65" HD(1280 x 720) Super AMOLED
  • Contour Display (curved glass)
  • Size (mm)
  • 67.94 X 135.5 X 9.47 (LTE)
  • Weight
  • 150g (LTE)
  • Memory
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Camera
  • 5MP continuous auto focus
  • 1.3MP Front
  • LED Flash
  • Zero shutter lag
  • Video recording in 1080p
  • Features
  • BATTERY: 1850mAh
  • OS: Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
  • CPU: 1.2 GHZ dual core processor
  • MICS: 2 Mics
  • NFC
  • GYRO
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