So I upgraded to the leaked T-Mobile ROM for the HD2 and the other day I was making a call by dialing a number embedded in an email and needed to dial an extension so I hit the onscreen “Keypad” softkey and when it loaded the top portion of the dialer showed me the email I was dialing from. I hadn’t seen that before so I tried it again, and yup it works. If you make a call from an email when the dialer pops up the Keypad has an email/attachment icon and by pressing  Keypad you can see the email within the dialer. And yes, you can scroll in that portion of the screen. So without leaving the dialer I can still see what I was calling about which is pretty neat. One oddity is that html graphics (even if loaded in the email itself) don’t load in the dialer.

I bet this is one of those things that’s been around a long time and I just never realized, but I still like it so don’t rain on my parade…


  1. Yep, that feature is included in the Tilt2 stock ROM. I am one of the few people who actually reads the manual and there are 4-5 pages dedicated to the way the mail app interacts with calls.

  2. The Tilt2 and HTC “fanboys” are a much quieter bunch than those Apple zombies. The HTC smartphones have so much solid functionality, but the general public doesn’t know about it. All the media attention is on those frivolous farting apps within the sacred iPhone. Hard to fight the marketing machine and the mindless, drooling lemmings.

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