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View Emails In The Dialer While In Calls Using Sense

So I upgraded to the leaked T-Mobile ROM for the HD2 and the other day I was making a call by dialing a number embedded in an email and needed to dial an extension so I hit the onscreen “Keypad” softkey and when it loaded the top portion of the dialer showed me the email I was dialing from. I hadn’t seen that before so I tried it again, and yup it works. If you make a call from an email when the dialer pops up the Keypad has an email/attachment icon and by pressing  Keypad you can see the email within the dialer. And yes, you can scroll in that portion of the screen. So without leaving the dialer I can still see what I was calling about which is pretty neat. One oddity is that html graphics (even if loaded in the email itself) don’t load in the dialer.

I bet this is one of those things that’s been around a long time and I just never realized, but I still like it so don’t rain on my parade…