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Viggle Lands on Verizon Wireless Android Devices

I’ve never heard of Viggle but it’s now available on Android devices on the Verizon network. Apparently you can get rewards for watching TV while using the Viggle app. The rewards are in the form of points which you can then spend on things like accessories, gift cards and more. To celebrate the launch they’re giving away 1 million points per day with the giveaway ending today apparently. I don’t get it, they just announced it and the contest has been going on since the 22st of June. Apparently somebody was rather late getting the PR out about this one..


Revolutionizing mobile entertainment, Viggle Inc., and Verizon Wireless today announced that Viggle(SM), the popular rewards-based loyalty program for television, is now available to Verizon Wireless customers with Androiddevices.   To celebrate the launch on the Verizon Wireless network, Viggle announced a daily 1 million point giveaway.

Viggle transforms the television viewing experience by allowing users to accumulate points by checking into the television shows they’re watching, playing games and puzzles about their favorite TV shows and interacting with special branded media.  Customers can then use Viggle points on a wide array of rewards such as movie tickets, gift cards, wireless accessories, music and more, and they can also convert points into charitable donations.

"Viggle is another way Verizon Wireless customers can experience the power of 4G LTE, which delivers video and other information faster and smoother than before," said Ed Ruth, director, new market development/business development, Verizon Wireless.  "Viggle’s rewards-based loyalty program provides a valuable interactive mobile experience for our customers, allowing them to look at television in a whole new way."

"Working with Verizon Wireless lets us share Viggle with a broader audience across a variety of platforms," said Greg Consiglio, senior vice president, business development at Viggle.  "We’ve seen a lot of excitement around the ways the app adds to the television viewing experience for consumers, and we’re excited to expand to Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE Android subscribers so they can further enjoy their mobile devices."

Verizon Wireless customers can download Viggle on a wide range of smartphones and tablets from Verizon Apps, Verizon Wireless’ mobile storefront, and Google Play.  There is no charge to download the app, but a Verizon Wireless data plan is required and usage may count toward a customer’s data allowance.

Viggle members will be automatically entered into the daily 1 million point giveaway and will automatically receive an entry when they check into a TV show during the promotion.  For more information, please visit

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