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Waiting for DropBox? No Need…

 A few days back I posted this.  Anyone who’s proverbial rocks got off on the news should check this out.  Ruttensoft will be handing out a free Beta version of their app by, what they hope, is Monday the 19th with the final version coming in at $6.99.  Only hi-res screens supported in the first beta, with low-res support coming in the second round of tests (details at the link.)  Some of you longtime WinMo fans may remember their Homescreen Designer from way, way back in 2005 that allowed for the customization of the 6.1 and older Home Screen.  The company looks set to stay competitive on the Windows Platform as their site proclaims that this will be “Dropbox access for Windows Mobile / Windows Phone,” which gives me hope that they are Silverlight people.  I doubt they’d be hopping into this without plans to move forward into Windows Phone 7.  We will certainly be testing this as soon as we can get our hands on it and report back when we can offer you a full review, so look for the update.  So, how many of you will be joining us in the free beta pilfering?

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