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Want Visual Voicemail on your L900 – No problem

Over the weekend while discovering my new Lumia 900, I read a few threads regarding Visual Voicemail. What I picked up from commenter’s was that this was something that required the help of a CSR, or something you needed to do in-store. Well, last night while trying to run down the battery before charging (that’s not an easy thing to do) I decided to give it a try. I don’t get many phone calls and even fewer voice mails so there was nothing pending. But I checked voicemail on my phone anyway. After being informed that I had no messages and exiting, a prompt appeared on my screen asking for my Visual VoiceMail password. I entered what I remembered being my voice mail password (have not needed to enter it in years), but the prompt came back up again, and again. I finally backed out of the screen and launched voice mail again. Went into the Admin settings for VM and selected, Set a New Password. Entered my same old password and that was it. Exited voicemail and noticed that next to my Call History, there was that Voicemail header. Used my MagicJack line to call my phone and left a short message. Checked the phone and there it was.

Mentioned it to my AT&T Sales Rep today (stopped in to check out the Lumia 900 marketing materials) and he told me that he didn’t do anything special when setting up my phone. My L900 came with a new, pre-installed, LTE micro-sim, and I was provisioned over to the Unlimited LTE Data Plan (I have a grandfathered plan). So, don’t know if this will work for everyone, but it’s worth a try if you haven’t already.