That’s right. This is your official “CRAP ALERT”. Once Microsoft announced that the Windows 8 Store had reached 100,000 apps, I knew it wouldn’t be long before the leeches came out from under their rocks and started preying on innocent victims. Check out some of these spectacular apps, all without trials of course.

First up, is Whatsapp Messager from publisher MAHN TIEN. For a mere $4.99 you can get some Lessions on how to use the popular WhatsApp app. Forgive me Mr. Simmons. Just typing as I read it.



Want some more from this top notch publisher. How about Plant’s vs. Zombies learning videos. Again priced at an affordable $4.99


Next up is BA MEDIA. They have managed to cover pretty much every base. All $4.99, and of course no trial. Bet you can’t wait to get your hands on these. Several iTunes and Firefox supporters did, and to say they are pissed would be an understatement. See below.

image image


Let’s not forget ANGRY BIRDS PRO. Not sure what this is, but I am pretty certain it’s not AutoCad 2014 for $4.99, without a trial.


And I am just going to come out and say these guys have large cojones for using the TM in the Spotify name. More unhappy customers, btw.


More from Angry Birds Pro…

And this……Want to learn how to play Dragon City for only $4.99 Btw, not be outdone, BA Media and Hot Girl (see below) also offer their own version for $4.99 each.

And finally, HOT GIRL. Whoever said GMail was free.

Buyers beware.


  1. bring it on…….i eat malware (i refer to malware as an overall term to describe any unwanted software on a PC) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  2. Playing with my new Nokia 820, looking in the market, I don’t see any user comments on the apps. Just star ratings.
    This is probably the problem, no way to see real user feedback.
    This is something the Android market got right.
    Hope Microsoft can rectify this error in market feedback.

  3. Well technically, these apps are not doing anything wrong (except maybe that TM symbol). They are providing links to instructional videos. If you want to pay the price rather than browsing YouTube I suppose that’s your choice. But as you point out, the iPad App Store is free of anything that would be the least bit deceptive. Guess that’s a good thing.

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