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Washable Phone To Be Released At CES In Las Vegas

If you have a bad case of OCD like I do about how you keep your devices clean then you are going to be in luck! Seal Shield, a Jacksonville, FL. based company is getting set to announce it’s newest addition to it’s already washable products, the worlds first Washable Cell Phone! Seal Shield which is currently making washable Keyboards, Mice, and TV Remote Controls has “The patent for the initial technology was published in October and seven more patents are pending…” said Brad Whitchurch,  founder, chairman and CEO of Seal Shield. Brad goes on to say that: “Everything that comes in contact with your hands gets on your cell phone and stays there,” and that: “At least it’s likely that a toilet seat gets cleaned on a regular basis. There’s just a constant buildup of every virus and bacteria on your phone.” Seal Shield is not only washable, but is also antimicrobial. Which will lend itself very well to the Health Care and Food Industries where cleanliness is usually a good thing. Brad says that: “The key, is that the company completely seals the electronics in a rubber and silicone gasket that can expand and contract while still intact. That allows the devices to not only be soaked in high-strength liquid, but endure the heat of a dishwasher.”

Seal Shield has one patent already on the technology and a heap of others pending, so at the very least, it should slow down copy cats wanting to cut into what Brad Whitchurch of Seal Shield says is a 10 million dollar industry. Seal Shield will release models for T-Mobile, but “expects to have phones compliant with Verizon, AT&T and Sprint by the time they start shipping around April.” No pricing is available yet on the Worlds First Washable Phone, but it should be somewhat reasonable judging from the pricing on the Washable Keyboard by Seal Shield which runs $19.99.

Stay tuned for more cool stuff released at CES in Las Vegas right here on Mobility Digest. Special thanks to tipster "Bitbucket" for the heads up!