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We Need Weiner!

Yeah, so Anthony Weiner somehow managed to do something so monumentally bizarre and inexplicably stupid that, in spite of it being relatively benign versus having an actual affair lasting longer than 140 characters from which politicians generally recover, he was squeezed out of politics without hesitation. Gone. Especially a damn shame because that was particularly bad timing to lose any democrat.

Anthony Weiner is not only much smarter and passionate than his peers, he is not heartless. No sir. If you’re shopping for Anthony Weiner minus the sexting incident sorry Charlie, that doesn’t exist, that’s a white whale for you.

But to me even more of a shame because Anthony Weiner is actually a very capable and passionate politician, a true leader with a good heart. He gave a damn, he was bright, he was progressive, he could command a podium and would stand up aggressively to his opponents. Let alone one with this amount of fire in his belly, look at him go damnit! Hit play (though nudge down your volume a bit first):

Yes, a little wild, but what do you want, wild truth or conniving and insincere McConnell bullshit? McConnell is so sleazy he makes me almost want to drink regular whiskey instead of Bourbon. Weiner? Proud to vote for a Jew.

I’m not sure what he’s talking about right there but I’m with him 100%. Anthony Weiner baby, makes for a great youtube adventure next time you’re in the mood. But let’s put his actual positions aside for now – I promise you I would be writing this same sort of random editorial, with even more fervor, if it had been a republican like Chris Christie or Bloomberg. There are maybe ten politicians alive (mixture of republican and democrat) whom I’d vote for on the merits of their leadership and apparent character alone, politics and scandal completely aside, and this man is one of them, no question.

And am I the only one here who’s done countless things infinitely more stupid and self-destructive than Twittergate?

If you’ve seen his recent television interviews, it’s clear that he has an acceptable amount of remorse and genuine contrition and that he’s been through vigorous therapy. It’s not really our business but he seems to have glued his marriage back together too. We are short on good men in politics, he’s a good man, he wants to get back into politics, that makes us lucky, I think his fifteen minutes of infamy are up, we’ve kind of begun to get used to hearing his last name… How is it that a bastard like Mitch McConnell, the great obstructer, is revered in politics, how is Donald Trump a political kingmaker whose ass other politicians will race to kiss, yet Anthony Weiner is just too much for us to digest? C’mon.

Okay now cut the guy some slack, we’ve benched him long enough, let’s move on and let Weiner back in the ring. For everyone’s sake. And stop making fun of his last name, it’s not that funny and he’s given you new material. Anthony I love you buddy! Keep grinding through this, this is what you were meant to do chief.

Doug Simmons