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Wet cell phone? No problem With DRY-ALL’s Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit

Every time I look at that title I see Dry-Wall for some reason and not Dry-All… I don’t know why..

Anyway, if you’ve ever dropped your cell in the toilet, I’ve got a friend who’s done it several times now, it’s not fun trust me on this, you’ll want to try and save it..maybe, I guess it all depends on what was in the toilet.. But, if you’ve ever dropped your cell phone in the water, be it whatever body of water it may be, I’m sure you’ve panicked and figured you’d be buying a new phone. You could have tried the rice drying method too, I know people have saved their phones with rice. Now though there’s a product specifically designed to save your wet cell phone called Dry-All. It’s basically a zip-lock bag of moisture absorbent beads that you stick your phone in for about two days and supposedly your phone will be dry and working like new. The cost is only $9.99, which isn’t bad at all considering many of our phones can easily cost several hundred dollars, and spending $10 to save that phone would be money very well spent.

It’s not just for phone though, it can be used for other small electronics too..

Read on for the full PR:

HPL, LLC. has been making dehumidifying products since 2002. Their newest product, the Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit, is being released worldwide this month. This emergency kit does exactly what it implies; it dries wet cell phones.

This much needed household accessory comes in a bag and dries out wet cell phones in a short 48 hour period. This innovative product is so easy to use anyone can do it. Unzip bag, insert wet cell phone, and zip bag closed. This product works on all types of cell phones. At only $9.99 it is an inexpensive alternative to buying a new phone. "The Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit has a great success rate. We have also saved iPods, Nintendo DSs, and PSPs," says Aime Gutierrez who is in charge of sales and marketing for DRY-ALL. "Water and electronics do not mix, yet they somehow always end up together in a potentially deadly situation for your personal electronics. This makes our product something that everyone will need at some point."

The Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit would make a great addition to your boat, home, and RV. This DRY-ALL kit is part of a whole line of drying products that have been around for quite some time.

DRY-ALL proudly showed their products at the 2010 CES show. The industry showed quite a bit of interest in the possibility of drying out water logged phones. DRY-ALL president Sean Gutierrez works hard to ensure that they only produce quality products. "We believe people deserve a professional product that actually does what it says it is going to do. Here at DRY-ALL we take pride in making a product that works."

The Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit is available now at and they are currently seeking distributors and retailers.

HPL, LLC. headquartered in Gilbert AZ, manufactures high quality indicating molecular dehumidifiers. Their product was originally used to protect moisture sensitive military equipment. It has been used to keep gun safes dry and for daily moisture removal for hearing aids. It is now used for drying wet cell phones, wet iPods, and other electronic items.

Source: HPL, LLC.


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