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What Do You Wish For?

A date with Beyonce, a Goldman-Sachs bonus, a new TP2? I guess I should have been more specific when I asked the question. What I meant was, what would you like to see the uber developers and hackers develop next to make your smartphone perform better, function more efficiently, and look even cooler?

I’ve been giving it some thought and have come up with several that I would love to see:

  1. The scroll bar on the left side of the screen (for us lefties).
  2. As discussed in my Fear of Flashing post, a simple and easy way to restore EVERYTHING (apps, tweaks, customized settings, etc.) after a flash (with all due respect to Farmer Ted who thinks that everyone who doesn’t know or want to learn Sashimi or UC is an idiot!).
  3. Side-to-side swipes of the Start Menu subfolders (thus making navigation much easier and alleviating the need to use iPhone Today).
  4. 3-D gradient to the top taskbar and bottom soft-key bar rather than the flat, matte appearance it currently has.

So what do you wish for?