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What Is Up Motorola’s Ass?

dick-reduced Back in July, in addition to treating a lot of excited phone enthusiasts with the Droid X, Motorola also threw in an Easter egg that effectively locked down the bootloader in order to prevent people from rooting and flashing custom roms. They went out of their way to do this, developing some near-bulletproof encryption mechanism to poop all over the XDA crowd’s party.

Naturally everybody flipped out, enough so that Motorola issued a statement saying basically Hey we know you guys like to get under the hood with these phones but it’s for your own safety so relax and go to our MOTODEV website, which is sort of like XDA, except it’s not at all like XDA.

Recently Droid X owners were teased with news of a Froyo OTA update but those updates take forever to trickle out so someone, maybe an insider at Motorola or possibly Google, filled the demand and leaked the upgrade so that everyone could get their hands on it tout suite and flash it.

This pissed Motorola off bigtime and now they’re running around stinging every site in sight like MyDroidWorld that’s hosting or linking to this leaked signed rom with cease and desists. Now I’m generally not a fan of articles with question marks in the title, but it’s not a rhetorical question – what is up Motorola’s ass? Anyone? Do any of you know (or can you speculate on) what may be up their ass?

C’mon Motorola, relax that ass and extract your encrypted bootloader from it, along with your cease and desists.

Doug Simmons