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What The Topaz Dialer Will Look Like On VGA

I had to post this in appreciation of reluttr’s work in our forum! If you remember back, I posted about a bounty that was placed on anyone who could port the Topaz Dialer to VGA. (Click Here) Currently the bounty is up to 400 bucks USD and almost 500 dollars if certain requirements are met, which include our CDMA Friends and getting Conference Call to work. Well if you were really impressed with the pictured WVGA screen shots, here are some mocked up VGA Screen shots of what the dialer will look like on our HTC Touch Pro and AT&T Fuze:

Just a reminder that reluttr is not porting the Phone Canvas, he was just nice enough to use some of his photo editing skills to good use and show us what we can expect!

Nice Work reluttr!