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Where Are The Cheap Windows Tablets?

Another Sunday, another stack of store circulars, and still no mention of $79, or $99, or even $199 Windows tablets. The holidays are upon us and Microsoft is missing out on another shopping season. While consumers scoop up less productive Android look alikes. Or, go over budget and spring for an iPad or iPad Mini. This is the display at a local Staples. Three low/moderately priced Toshiba Windows tablets. None on sale. None were at the Start Screen when I got there, with several error messages and other apps open, making the presentation less than welcome. Consumers might not even find these, as they are not in circulars. And they first have to get past the end aisle displays of; iPads, Fires, and of course the Surface. I thought with the introduction of, “below $129”, Windows tablets this would be the year that Microsoft made some inroads into the declining tablet market. Declining, most likely because people find their current tablets to be underwhelming, more like toys. Basically a bad investment, or poor gift choice. If they only knew what they were missing. Maybe next year.