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While Tech Media once said Surface as a flop, Microsoft proved them totally wrong

Microsoft made the media bitches of Apple and Google totally naked and proved them wrong with their fiscal first quarter results published by raising sales by 25%. Mostly read sites including etc. made huge funny comments when Microsoft wrote off nearly a billion last year with Surface RT and Surface Pro. After that, both media and Wall Street continuously undermined Surface Pro 2, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 3. But Microsoft totally wrong them with stellar profits of their Q1 for the fiscal year results beating Wall Street expectations. Their cloud offerings including Azure and Office 365, hardware business including the acquired Nokia Phones business, Surface Pro3, Xbox One (yes Xbox One topped the sales chart raising by 102%) yielded as a fruitful business and topped the Wall Street prediction. Yes, I am nowhere financial analyst, heck I really can’t manage my monthly budget properly without my wife’s help, but I can tell something better than these Wall Street pundits and Apple and Google bitches aka, technology bloggers including The Verge, Engadget, Gizmodo etc. with my 2 decades + of my engineering and technology experience.

What do you say? Are these tech bloggers and Wall Street pundits really do well when it comes to technology and financial matters? I see most of the common people like you and I do better than these when it comes to our personal choices and finance matters.

Here is why I called some of the bloggers as Apple and Google bitches. A prime example of Google $ @ work to promote Chromebooks at the expense of Microsoft Windows. The blogger doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Update: Now with Microsoft Windows 10 (which would be released next year), Microsoft is going to show the world that the Windows Store Apps can run everywhere, scaling to the fit the size of the device like the mobile supported web sites that scale themselves nicely to work with any browser they are running on. That would be definitely showing the world that Write Once and Run Anywhere (of course on the Windows Platform) mantra chanted by now disappeared Sun Microsystems.

Source: CNN Money and Tech Crunch

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