Among the many popular petitions floating around was one of those presidential petitions to the White House calling on Obama to encourage Google to reconsider killing Reader, which I thought was funny; but the White House didn’twant to get involved and deleted it. That’s just mean, man.


  1. Why should White House get involved in this Readergate? They have never been involved in iPhonegate where users were using their iPhone 4 wrongly and Datagates of first version of Nokia Lumia 900 and iPhone Mapsgate and Android privacygate or iPhone 4s recent Wifigate. It has to be between business and its consumer. if business is not providing support for its product, consumers should move to a different.

    • They wouldn’t.

      But it’s funny that someone thought of doing this, very likely as a goof, and that it attracted enough attention (goofy attention) to provoke any sort of response.

      Try to understand the pain and strife with which many of my people have been so suddenly stricken. This exhibition of levity is a manifestation of that anguish and is slightly newsworthy (not really).

  2. The Whitehouse only gets involved with important things like NCAA brackets, beer recipes and being anything but transparent. This is WAY beyond their comprehension.

  3. This is what happens when you say, “Anyone can petition the WH.” You get silly stuff like this instead the stuff we REALLY want. Like a Death Star.

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