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White iPhone 4 on AT&T’s Website listed as “Coming Soon”

There have been a few reports that the elusive white iPhone 4 has made an appearance on the Apple website, but now it has shown up on the AT&T website listed as “coming soon”. Apparently the hold up was due to the paint on the home button not matching the paint on the case. There has been a report of a white rogue iPhone 4 loose in the wild and the owner stating he was close to Apple and was able to score one of these mismatched devices.

Other than white in color, nothing else is different from the original black colored iPhone 4. So when are we going to see the white iPhone 4? Via Digital Daily the answer is not until the spring of 2011. Reuters is also stating that the white iPhone won’t show it’s face until spring of next year. So why does AT&T have the white iPhone 4 as coming soon? Your guess is as good as mine.