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Who else hates Rapidshare? Chefs take note.

Anyone who’s tried to download ROMs and software from forums like XDA will most likely curse those bandwidth squating bastards.  Well luckily we have a NEW SOURCE for hosting all these ROMs with direct downloads and BitTorrent distribution for backup to ensure when NRG puts out a new ROM and crashes the servers (he stresses the multiple server point for reliability) users can still get at the thing through decentralized means.  He’s going to host Android and Windows Mobile ROMs so everyone worth hearing about is included.  This is going to be a hosting and release site, not a development site, so you won’t see tons of technical non-sense here but just ROMs, hopefully some rating system, and at the least always-on access to ROMs when we need them.  I’d still use XDA’s ROM rating site they started up a while back because it has fewer ads and an easier system for finding ROMS along with more variety.  This is just going to allow much quicker distribution and less waiting when things get busy in the world of the phone tinkerer.  If you’re a chef, you might want to look into this one and see if you can’t get some free hosting that doesn’t suck all kinds of ass.