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Who Needs MS? WP7 HD2 Port In The Works

Microsoft has stated on numerous occasions that the HD2 will not be upgradable to WP7 (even though the original HTC packaging stated that it would be). The only problem with the phone appears to be the arrangement of buttons. Other writers are reporting that it has too many buttons but that’s not actually the case. WP7 requires 5 buttons – three on front (back, search and Windows), a camera and a power button. The HD2 has a phone button, home, Windows, back and call end/power. So it’s the same number of buttons just configured the wrong way.  Since MS is launching a new platform whose core is a consistent experience across phones, they likely don’t want to eat their words the day WP7 is released. But that won’t stop the guys at HTCPedia from getting a working ROM.  They note that wifi, GPS, bluetooth and almost everything else is working. One issue is the graphics driver. Since it’s running a Snapdragon, which we know will be present on the first batch of WP7’s (since they are the only chip approved to date), we can hope it can be extracted and used on the HD2.


via Redmond Pie