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Will Stand Alone Smart Watch Phones Change Our Lives?

the-architect “She is going to die and there is nothing you can do to stop it “ was great quote from the Matrix where the Architect was speaking to Neo regarding his will to save Trinity. It is the finality and surety in his voice that made me think of the new trend which will be Smart Watch Phone. Android and Samsung already have a Smart Watch of sorts but it does not act as a stand alone phone. No Place for SIM card. (Seriously, we still need SIM cards?) The new Smart Watch Phones like the one from EXETECH do in fact come with a SIM card slot and is running Android 4.0.4. With the EXETECH XS-3 you can receive calls and send text messages. Read your emails of course and use it’s GPS and G-Sensor on a variety of Apps for things like fitness or racing. I despise carrying my phone on my arm when I run and would love another option.

The XS-3 also will allow you access to the Social Media World because God knows we would never survive the day without checking in. Be that as it may there will be a lot of other apps available for this platform but still limited because of the small 240 x 240 capacitive screen. The XS-3 will come with 2GB of internal storage and then have another slot for a Micros SD card up to 32GB more. You can pack some serious music on there if you have not warmed up to the whole monthly streaming thing like I have.

The XS-3 is a 3G phone as of yet but I am better it won’t take this platform long to get LTE beefed up in it. It also packs a 2mp camera for those mandatory selfies.

So how much will the EXETECH XS-3 set you back? Only $485 dollars USD. Not too bad eh’?

With Apple sometime this year getting ready to release the iWatch and Samsung gaining momentum it is only a matter of time. There is nothing we can do to stop it.

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