Mary Jo Foley was the first to report a while back that Microsoft would be providing updates to the core apps in Windows 8. Specifically the calendar, mail and people apps would be receiving updates. A short while ago Microsoft took to the Windows Blog to let everyone know that these much needed updates will be available tomorrow in the Windows Store.

The updates provide both UI and functional changes. If you’d like to get the full story before tomorrow head on over to the Windows Blog here to get the full details.








Source: Windows Blog


  1. Since these are part of Windows Store, the rollout of apps already started. I got the updates few minutes back. I like the new bigger fonts. This is easy on my eyes. Thanks to Microsoft for thinking about this.

  2. Is it true that if I install this update I’ll lose my ability to sync my Metro calendar with my Gmail calendar, and not be able to roll back the update?

    Thanks for the “update” Microsoft! :(

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