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Windows Mobile 7 Coming April 2010?

Back in March of this year, there were a lot of leaked screen shots of what Windows Mobile 7 might look like. Looking back at those photos, I wonder how much of what we saw there will actually make it into Windows Mobile 7. We know there has been a lot of revisions to the UI on Windows Mobile 6.5, which is the OS Microsoft released “officially”  just a few days ago to  bridge the gap between Windows Mobile 6.1 and the delayed Windows Mobile 7. Easily my favorite build so far of Windows Mobile 6.5 is 23412 which we got personal in Cooked ROMS. But even as we drooled over 23412 with goodies like group texting, we saw the next build release 23420 go backwards and loose some of them. So it will be very difficult to tell what we will see in the official release of Windows Mobile 7.

What we do have for you today is a “mock up” of Windows Office Mobile that is said to be released in WinMo 7. The photo below is a slide included in the Microsoft Office 2010 presentation that documents Windows Mobile 7 to be released in the April 2010 time frame.

What will be really interesting is to see what device manufacturers will release to go along with the Launch of WinMo 7 next spring. We already know that HTC will release the HD2 1st quarter of next year, is it possible that variant could come with WinMo 7? We’ll have to wait and see! Stay tuned to Mobility Digest and we will continue to bring you the latest in the highly anticipated release of Windows Mobile 7!