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Windows Phone 7 ROM leaks the Mondrian.

So that black slabby sexiness to the left is what appears to be HTC’s new Windows Phone 7 device called the Mondrian.  This has all been beaten out of a leaked ROM version that’s currently being sliced up over on XDA.  The ROM doesn’t boot, but few do on first try and it certainly doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything from it.  The picture was found inside a .cab file in the ROM and some spec’s were also referenced in some of the registry entries.  So far, we’ve heard this thing may have a 4.3″ screen, like the HD2 at WVGA resolution.  There is also mention of a 1.3ghz  Qualcomm processor, which is apparently going to be the successor to the Snapdragon that is currently occupying the top of the heap.  The most recent pictures that have leaked have been sent to pocketnow which show a slightly different device render.  I, along with a few other members are going to have to call bullshit on this for now.  Hit the read link for more pictures and why I’m calling this one foul.

The ROM may be real, but we’ve known for a while that WinPho will not be using .cab files.  Why would there be one in the WinPho7 ROM?  More evidence of BS is the fact that this is nothing more that a Touch HD with some button photoshopping.  The pictures that were leaked also leave some doubt behind.  Looks like the OEM tiles have been rearranged, which is a no-no according to WinPho7 requirements, and according to some XDA members the screen leaves a good deal of left-over space around it which seems wasteful.  There is additional confusion as pocketnow’s informant is reporting spec’s contrary to the ROM.  Here are the spec’s they’re getting from the man on the inside:

Size: 116.7 x 58.7 x 11.9 mm
Display: 3.7″ WVGA AMOLED capacitive touch screen
Camera: 8MP with auto focus with camera flash with High definition 720p video capture Internal memory: 16 GB flash, 512 MB RAM
Chipset: Qualcomm QSD8672, 1.5GHz

So what does everyone think?  Is this real device info, or cleverly planted and half-assed renders to throw us off the trail?  Real or not, those are some bad ass spec’d devices either way and if they come to the market will certainly make an impact.  We’ll keep you guys posted when more info comes out.  I’m guessing this is the beginning of a series of leaks from either the ROM or’s informant, but either way is good news for all of us.