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Windows Phone Inner Circle

Well tonight I went to the Windows Phone Inner Circle event in San Diego.

I can say this what Microsoft spends on advertising they can throw 5 of these events per ad. Tonight I learned more about the WP7 platform than what I could thru sites. Microsoft was kind enough to put the behind the scenes people on display for us to talk to. It was a great time to learn more about WP7 and other tricks.

After talking with the peeps there some things I would like fixed for WP7, on the arrive to not pause the music when you open the keyboard or shut it. Another major feature I would like is the ability to clone your kids phone on yours. The ability to know what they are doing in real time would be a great app that I would pay for but at the same time to ensure to make sure no predators gain access.

All in all it was a great night for WP* and there is many ambassadors in the making to help promote this platform.

wP7 is here to stay and I wrote this from a WP7 device half in the bag so all is good. 🙂