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Windows Phone: Press Conference Live Updates

Our own Ramon Trotman is at the Windows Phone live press conference. Here are his updates coming as live as possible. Refresh the page for new updates. (Newest posts on top)

  • Samsung ” wp7 will be a game changer for Microsoft in the mobile space!”
  • Updates will come directly from Microsoft
  • Copy and paste available directly from Microsoft early 2011
  • Ea will be available for wp7 games wow. Biiiiig move. Sims shown off
  • Some games exclusive to Att
  • U-Verse meet XBox 360 and WP7
  • You can edit your xboxlive avatar from the xboxlive hub.
  • xboxlive hub shown off. Turn by turn notifications present.
  • Att uverse mobile shown off
  • Imdb app shown off. Location available to direct you to nearby theater
  • eBay app shown off. Sleek looking app
  • Streaming from zune pass available on the phone via zune pass. Sweet.
  • Streaming from zune via zune pass is present
  • Slacker and iheartradio is available Via music hub
  • Cloud feature shown off. Onenote included. Accessible from your live site. Notes always available
  • Wow!!! Sharepoint is present. Can be acceded from intranet.
  • Onenote is present in the office hub
  • Comments on the service is viewable in pictures hub as well. Sweet.
  • Friends pics gets populated from what ever service they use right to your picture hub. Sweet.
  • You can upload your services ( facebook) right from people hub. Still need that app?
  • People hub is a beautiful thing to see in action.
  • Bing for wp7 uses tellme service in the background on voice searches. Really nice
  • When zoomed in all the way bing will switch to satellite view by itself.
  • Bing can decided if your destination is within walking distance or driving distance
  • Addresses in calendar apts is auto associated to bing.
  • I will be late feature now in calendar.
  • Calendar handles multiple sources. Each source represented by a color. Nice.
  • Typing on the phone works wonderful. Auto correct is amazing. Keyboard works really well.
  • Can even edit PowerPoint pres on the phone.
  • PowerPoint 2010 with nice animations present!!!
  • Flagging is now present in mail app. Sweet.
  • Pics can be set to auto upload as soon as they are taken.
  • Quick pic taking is awesome. Even with screen locked.
  • Joe’s home screen.
  • Joe belfiore on stage with live demo
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