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Windows/iPhone Smack Down

HTC-Touch-HD-Eclipsing-iPhone-3G-in-Live-Images-4 We all know the iPhone and Windows Mobile have their fanboys and today there was a showdown of sorts. You probably all know which Kristofer Brozio (who contributes to this site as well) is the editor of (and if you don’t know Test Freaks you really should since it’s an incredible site) and in succession there is an article touting the iPhone followed by an article touting Windows Mobile. Oh, and I wrote the Windows Mobile article:) Just to give you a sneak peak if the action here’s the opening paragraph of the iPhone article:

Hi, I am a Mac….Reviewer. As the senior Apple reviewer on TestFreaks I am here to tell you – the Internet viewer, why the iPhone 3G in the immortal words of Cassius Clay is “the greatest of all time”.

And here’s the action over on the Windows Mobile side:

The sheer power and beauty of Windows Mobile has been tarnished recently. Not by any flaw in the machinery, but rather in the marketing myths created by glossy commercials. It’s time to debunk those myths and remind everyone why Windows Mobile is the past, present and future of mobility. Well, I was also getting suffocated by iPhone fanboy smug and I needed to get some air by bringing some facts to the table;)

So why not have a read and partake in the action. The pro-iPhone article is located here and the pro-Windows Mobile article is located here. Feel free to sound off either here of there. I think I’ve sounded off enough already;)