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WM 6.5 Streaming Widget

For those of you using WM 6.5 you should have a few widgets that came included in the ROM. But what’s been missing is custom widgets…until now. XDA member Themuzz has released a WM 6.5 Widget for streaming media. The widget gets its feed from todaypda and it includes 7883 radio stream, 3252 television stream and 59 different countries and the widget will continue to update itself based on the website’s expansion.  Aside from being a publicly released widget (possibly the first) it also serves as a good guide on how to make a widget since you can ‘unzip’ the .wgt file to view its contents so this may open the floodgates for a lot more widgets.

The cab and installation instructions are located here. And remember, if you’re not using WM 6.5 then this will not work for you – this is only for those of you using a cooked ROM. Good work themuzz- I like where this is headed.

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