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WM Finally Gets Threaded Emails

For those of you who have used other devices you’ve likely seen how threaded emails work. Essentially, you get your emails collapsed by subject so that you can have all of the related emails under one heading. It really cleans up your emails a lot and makes it easier to find things quickly and follow the chain. Well WM has always lacked this but WMExperts has found that build 23517 has the ability to sort by ‘conversation’. You can see the results in the screenshot they provided. You can also see a preview of the text in the conversation which is a great time saver. And what’s nice about this is that it is independent of your Exchange Server (since Exchange 2010 was previously said to be a requirement for threaded messaging).

To see it in action you can jump to WMExperts to see a video showing this off. it’s a good start MS, but keep going. A little more ‘pretty’ wouldn’t kill you:)