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WORMS 2010!

There is a great new game for Windows Mobile that was recently released.  Worms 2010!  For those that know it you have probably already downloaded it, if you haven’t here is a rundown.

It is a strategy game made by EA (who took on the mobile rights from THQ and Team17) that pits teams of worm combatants against each other in armed battle!  The traditional fight is 4 vs 4, and you have an arsenal of weaponry in your backpack available to try and destroy the other team.  You take turns against the computer and try to blow up, or knock enemies off the map to win each round.  One of the greatest replayability points of this game is, the random map generator, every single time you load a battle it creates a map on the fly to use.  Ensuring that each battle is unique!


The controls for Worms 2010 have been completely revamped for touch only controls.  I have been playing it on my Tilt 2 and it only took me a few minutes to get them down and start destroying the enemy worms.  When it is your turn you simply press on either side of the worm to make him move.  If you want to move to the right, click to the right and hold it down, and he will walk.  Let go to stop.  To jump, or perform a back flip, press on the active worm and two new arrows appear.  The arrow in front is used to jump forward, while the one in back is for a back flip (used to get up to higher terrain)

Game Modes:

There is Quickplay, Campaign, and Custom game to choose from:

Quickplay gets you right into the action so you can start combat instantly. It picks a random enemy, random map and off you go.  Campaign mode is used to unlock new weapons that can be used both in Campaign mode and all other modes.  With Campaign you fight all the different worm groups on their islands, as you defeat them you unlock new weapons  When you start Campaign or Quickplay the game will prompt you for a tutorial, I recommend using it the first time you play, it goes over how to move and jump.  The radar and binoculars tools, and how to use the backpack to select new weaponry.  The third option of Custom game lets you pick your level theme, terrain type, and game type then launch into a battle. So if you like caves vs. open sky you can choose just that.  There are modes like, insta-gib (any hit will kill a worm) or god mode where there is no health and you need to punch, kick, baseball bat or detonate your opponents off the map to win.


I won’t spoil them all, but you will have such weapons as, the homing missile – choose the target, fire and it will do the rest,  Cluster grenades – one grenade that breaks into many to cause massive destruction and the ION cannon – this will fire a vertical beam from the heavens and fry any worms in its path!  There are many more to unlock and have fun with!

If you have been looking for a fun game to play, I highly recommend Worms 2010 for Windows Mobile.  Worms has always been a fun game throughout the years, and the fresh update has done it great justice and brought the game back to it’s first appearance on Windows Mobile 2002/2003 devices. It’s available here from Marketplace for $6.99.

NOTE: This submission post was the work of BryanA (a.k.a. the effen man). The other day I noted that Marketplace broke the 1,000 app mark and in the comments it sparked a discussion about the best apps available and Worms 2010 was the topic of discussion. I’ve never played it myself, but BryanA really stepped up and provided an awesome write-up of it: Thanks again!!!