snooze-button-2I get tons of emails a day from developers and marketing companies asking me to post their apps. Unless it is really cool, we don’t post too much because it buries the top news and reviews. Today however I get an email about an app that you have to pay to snooze a little longer in the morning! It’s called Shredder Alarm Clock for iOS and is available for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The app is free and has a nice user interface and layout. But the developer has thinks that getting you out of bed in the morning would be more effective if you had to pay to snooze a little longer! The app comes with some free minute packs but I am assuming it will run out pretty quick. So here we go folks, the dreaded in app purchase. That’s right, to get more minute packs you have to pay $0.99 for a 30 minute pack, 5 bucks for 170 minutes, and $10 dollars for 333 minutes! Seriously? I am not paying to snooze and I especially hate in app purchases.

With the Holiday weekend coming up, I think a lot of people are looking forward to the extra sleep, but come Monday, how much would you pay to snooze a little longer before having to go back to work or school?


  1. I also hate in-app purchases Doug. I got burned by that. Anyway that is a good question and I won’t pay for extra snooze anytime. And currently I don’t use my phone to alarm me to get up any way. I use good old proven method, my senses. :)

  2. I pay for apps I use and enjoy.
    I refuse to make in app purchases, or I have not found a compelling reason to make an in app purchase.
    Throw it at the wall and see if it sticks. How can I make money today?

  3. I have always despised in app purchases since I got addicted to Mafia Wars. I spent a lot of money on that game and regretted it afterwards. Swore I would never do it again. So now I am playing this game called Metal Storm on my iPad and I absolutely love it! The game play is fantastic, graphics, everything! Free. Yep, not so much. You can play the game and then you get hooked. You figuire it out and then get good at it. I kicked the crap out of everyone when I first started and then m ranking went up. Then the game started playing me against other players with the same skill but with way WAY better planes and weapons. How did they get those? Yep. Paid for it. So now I am getting my @$$ handed to me and there is nothing I can do but….$$$$ I refuse. It will take me 25 lifetimes to accumulate the credits needed to buy a better plane, but so be it. SCREW YOU developers and APPLE! I am playing for free!!!

    • You tell me about it. My then toddler son installed this Tap Zoo Classic on my iPad 2. He started playing and got some points and few animals to start with. He likes wild cats, so decide to get a tiger, and lion. Now Tap Zoo presented that he needed more coins to buy them with an option to buy. So, he clicked without noticing the price, obviously a 5 year old boy wouldn’t know the value of real money. When I got back home I checked my emails, I got an email from iTunes that said there is this in-app purchase of $149.99 for a stupid jar of coins. I called Apple support and had a decent exchange of emails. Apple denied. They are not good at all. They said, either you could uninstall the app or make sure you don’t give your iPad to your kids. Well I learned the lesson, non one two, one never entertain in app purchases, never talk to greedy Apple. Like Ramon says, F* Apple.

  4. I also dislike in-app purchases. I think it’s almost bait-and-switch like – it hides the true cost of the application.
    That being said, we’ve also gotten to where Joe and Jane Consumer have gotten used to low app prices. Want $4.99 or more for your app? OMG the whining! In-app purchases are making people money, and that’s where the developers will go.

    • Marti
      I am a developer and have apps in marketplace and appstore. I don’t like In-App purchases, of course I could make more, but I want my customers to know the price up front instead of click and bait.

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