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WOW-Keys Full Size QWERTY Keyboard for the iPhone

If you are an iPhone 4 owner and have need of a full size QWERTY keyboard for your PC or Mac computer, then have a look at the WOW-Keys full size QWERTY keyboard made by CompuExpert. The WOW-Keys keyboard lets your iPhone power up as well as take advantage multitasking capabilities of the computer as well as allow you to take advantage of some of your iPhone apps as well.

With its laptop-style soft keys, the WOW-keys allows you to input text comfortably and efficiently into your iPhone, or input commands from the iPhone to the computer via the touchpad. Swap between modes quickly with the touch of a button, and execute common tasks via 12 iPhone hotkeys. The WOW-keys charges your device via USB, and also syncs with iTunes®. The keyboard can also be used with an iPod®, and it supports Windows, Mac and iOS 4.x operating systems.

WOW-Keys looks to be a very cool bridge between the iPhone and your PC/Mac and helping you become more productive at the same time. Price on the WOW-Keys QWERTY keyboard is $99.99 ad is due out next month on May 24th.

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Thanks Kristofer!