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WP7 Design Templates Available

If you’re planning on developing for WP7 check out Clarity Consulting’s blog. They’ve provided a template for Illustrator which is useful for visualizing designs before you build them. The template was created in CS4 and covers a lot, but not all of WP7 so they’re asking if you add to the template to share. And while you’re at their site take a look at some of the apps they’ve been playing around with. A Hulu app, Yelp, news app and a very slick looking NBA app. They note “We’ve produced mobile applications, mostly in concept form, for Windows Phone Classic, iPhone and Android but never so quickly and not of such high quality and visual impression.  I attribute some of this obviously to our familiarity to the Microsoft platform and tools.  Though when you look at the designs our team has produced, it becomes clear that this is not just another mobile application container.” I concur:)

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