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WVGA TF3D 2.5 Full Screen Hack

Rotastrain is at it again with some exceptional work. This time he has hacked TF3D 2.5 in WVGA to run ‘full screen’. So there are no top bars or lower soft key bars in standard view (you can press the bottom to bring them back). Just take a look at this video to see it in action but it’s a pretty neat hack.

And to answer the question that get asked a lot, no it does not work for TF3D 2.1 and it’s only WVGA at this point. If you’d like it to work in other resolutions and other TF3D version you may want to make a plea to Rotastrain (I’m sure a little bribery wouldn’t hurt either:))

The original XDA link is located here and his donation link is located here. Here’s to hoping this finds it’s way to VGA Manila 2.1!:)