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WVGAFix4 Available

New release as of January 24. Here are the details which now include WM 6.5 support.

This program allow you to change screen resolution.
Program designed mostly for devices with wide screens – 800×480 or 400×240.
(Toshiba G900, SE Xperia X1, HTC Touch HD, HTC MAX 4G)
So if game or program don’t work in wide mode you can try it in normal VGA/QVGA mode. Probably it will work.
*Copy CAB files to device
*Install cab file
*Do soft reset
*Now you can see WVGAFIX4 in Programs.
*WVGA VGA SQVGA switch support
*WQVGA QVGA SQQVGA switch support
*You have black unused screen area on screen – no stretching performed.
Supported devices:
*Most devices with WM50, WM60, WM61, WM65
*You shouldn’t rotate screen if not-original video mode applied.
*If you want use WVGAFIX4 in landscape mode, you should rotate screen in the right side, otherwise you will have touchscreen decalibration.
You should determine "good" side by experimental way.

The download is available here from XDA.It apparently gives a few error messages with CHome (default home screen) enabled.