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Xbox 360 gets Netflix “Just for Kids”

I’m admittedly excited about this because I pay for Netflix just for my kids to watch their crap. Otherwise, I never use it. But being that I pay for Netflix and a Gold Membership for Xbox, it’s nice that Just for Kids is available.

Now, kids and parents can click and instantly watch their favorite characters, including many they’ll recognize from their favorite shows and movies. “Just for Kids” consists of titles organized by easy-to-understand genres such as superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs and girl power, featuring clear and simple descriptions of the plot of each title. And with Kinect for Xbox 360, all of your favorite entertainment on Netflix can be found by simply using your voice.

Netflix “Just for Kids” is available today in all markets where Netflix on Xbox LIVE is offered. Don’t have Netflix? You can easily download the app from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on your console today to begin enjoying movies and TV shows instantly*.

Let’s get to the video:

I like it